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Titt4Tat, the fair dating platform

We are Titt4Tat, an international platform for providers and customers of paid dates.

The oldest trade in the world, paid dating - whether with sexual interaction or not - has so far persistently remained conservative in its original format: on the street, in clubs, via private contacts or opaque websites. This is often associated with a security and satisfaction risk due to the lack of transparency, background information and opportunities for comparison.

We're here to change that and bring paid dating into the 21st century.
Why? Because we want to stand up for the self-determination, safety and fairness of providers and customers. Our basic idea is to offer a safe, fair framework for providers and consumers of paid intimacy and escort services.

Through our digital platform, we enable providers and customers of paid meetings to make agreements in a protected environment. Both sides should be able to agree to the meeting with clear expectations. At the center of this digital solution is the self-determination and data protection of the providers and discretion towards the customer, through the latest technological solutions in the areas of data protection, registration and communication.

T4T only provides the platform and technical support. T4T is neither an escort provider nor an agent.
In addition to offering and supporting the platform, T4T is committed to providing education and information in the areas of sexual health, safety and sexual wellbeing. In addition to contributing to the removal of taboos, we also want to help improve health and education. As part of this commitment, T4T strives to collaborate with specialist organizations, government bodies, aid agencies and medical institutions.

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To treat all people with respect and dignity, regardless of their profession or background.
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Reduce gender-based violence and discrimination and eliminate the stigma associated with the adult industry.
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Ensuring that people in the adult industry have access to a platform where they can work without fear of discrimination.
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Providing tools and resources so that people can bessere make decisions about their safety and well-being.

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T4T Ladies

The providers of paid dates - with or without intimate actions, erotic massages, eroticModels or as atmosphere models for events.

T4T Adventurer

Customers looking for a sexy escort or hot experiences for a fee.

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