Well equipped? Titt4tat starts Dick-Pic Rating!

Apr 18, 2024 | Allgemein

Have you ever wondered how your "best piece" compares? Titt4tat brings the latest trend straight to your home - the Dick-Pic Rating!

Whether out of pure curiosity or as amusing party talk - it's all about fun and perhaps a little extra income.

What is the Dick-Pic rating about?
It's simple: men upload photos of their penis and receive an honest and serious assessment of their gem. The ratings range from size and shape to general aesthetics - even with a certificate and, of course, strict confidentiality.

Fun for penis owners and raters
For the submitters, the Dick-Pic Rating is an exciting opportunity to receive feedback on a very private aspect of their lives. It's like a virtual round of applause for the brave! Many find it exciting and entertaining to be able to "show off" a little while remaining anonymous.

For the raters - or should we call them the judges? - Titt4tat offers an opportunity to earn a nice extra income by judging these pictures. Yes, you heard right: you will be rewarded with vouchers from many well-known brands of your choice such as: Zalando, H&M, Hunkermöller, Amazon etc., by writing reviews that are not only informative and honest, but ideally also entertaining. But don't worry, we have created a tool for you, where you only have to assign the grades for 9 different criteria, the text is automatically created based on your rating and you can add and customize it as you wish and then you will receive a certificate that you can discreetly send to the man who asked for the rating in the closed chat.

Penis pictures where they belong!

Dick picks have hurt or humiliated people and destroyed careers, marriages and more because they were sent to people who don't want to see them. Respect that and don't harass anyone who doesn't want it, because dick picks belong on Titt4tat, that's where the women who want to see your penis are! But even here you can't just send your "best piece" to any woman, you can see in her profile whether she offers this service or not, please respect that too, we consistently delete the profiles of men who don't comply.

Safety and ethics come first
Titt4tat takes privacy and security very seriously. Each image is treated with the strictest confidentiality and the identity of the person remains protected. Only those who explicitly agree and follow the platform's guidelines are allowed to participate. Only women who verify their identity with a valid ID are able to create the pictures. Of course, the ID information is stored as securely as in Fort Knox by our partner "CompyCube", which also looks after clients such as the University of Talin etc.!

Why should you take part?
For men who have their penis evaluated: Take it with humor! It's fun and it's a chance not to take yourself too seriously and maybe even show off a little.

For the women who rate "Him": Use your natural curiosity and the chance that men will even pay you with vouchers for your honest but polite opinion and at the same time you can be part of one of the most unusual rating juries on Titt4tat.

Bottom line: Ready to prove your courage or sharpen your judging skills? Sign up now on Titt4tat and dive into the world of dick-pic rating and paid dating where fun, entertainment, amazement and maybe a little blushing is guaranteed. Join this unique digital adventure now - it promises to be as entertaining as it sounds!

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