More and More Female Students and Working Women on Titt4tat!

May 24, 2024 | Allgemein

Titt4tat was first published in January 2023, back then with the idea of creating a platform for sex workers that offers more security and self-determination than ordinary escort sites and guarantees the anonymity of providers and customers on Titt4tat to the outside world. Since then, we have grown to over 12,000 users and have learned a lot!

One year later

The basic idea is still the same, but we have noticed that “professional” women are still on the traditional escort sites, where they publish their phone numbers and addresses and make their intimate pictures available to the whole internet.

However, we have unintentionally addressed a completely different target group.

A surprising realization

Titt4tat is used by an impressive majority of female students and working women, mainly to generate extra income to finance their studies or to finance other dreams, such as luxury items, beauty surgeries, a vacation, etc.

Why is Titt4tat mainly used by female students and working women?

We have now got to the bottom of this question and realized that we were wrong with our original concept!

It's not the “professionals” who are worried about who can see their pictures, who can see their phone number, who knows where they live, or who cares what their date looks like, etc. 

It is precisely female students and working women for whom this is most important!

A new trend or a social change?

Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, London and Madrid are very liberal cities and, with their universities, also well-known student cities, so it's not surprising that a lot of women on Titt4tat come from these cities. What does surprise us, however, is how many come from rural areas. Is the rural population also becoming more open, or has it always been like this but just lacked a platform like Titt4tat? We'll find out for sure and tell you about it.

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