Swiss startup attacks Onlyfans

May 29, 2024 | Allgemein

The Swiss company Titt4tat opened its doors in Zug in January 2023 and has been causing a stir not only in Switzerland but also internationally ever since.

Titt4tat is not only the first Swiss start-up in the adult entertainment sector to achieve international success, but within a year it has organically developed into a platform with a five-figure user base that extends far beyond Switzerland's borders. Now the company is also setting its sights on the industry giants.

An idea with potential

Originally launched with a simple but innovative idea - a dating app for paid meetings - Titt4tat has established itself as a pioneer of a completely new trend. The combination of paid meetings and the principle of online dating is unique and sets it apart from other platforms. On Titt4tat, customers and service providers must first find a match and meet each other's requirements before a paid meeting can take place. This approach not only provides users with more self-determination, but also gives the industry, which still has a negative image, a more modern and positive one.

Great ambitions

Titt4tat is now striving to leave the niche and become the first full-service provider of adult entertainment. With the recent launch of a marketplace where women can directly sell various accessories from worn underwear to shoes, an adult content section will soon be introduced. This will be offered via an “on demand” model where images and movies can be purchased. An algorithm will facilitate the search for content and ensure a greater reach for female producers.
The platform relies heavily on the independence of its followers and does not require expensive subscriptions to view content. This is intended to set Titt4tat apart from competitors such as OnlyFans.

Unique model

This approach, combined with the ability to meet many of the women in real life and buy personal items directly from them, makes Titt4tat unique. Not only do users save time and money as they can find everything under one roof, but the service providers also have a wide range of opportunities to earn a lucrative side income. Thanks to its app, the platform also provides a solution for the security and flexibility previously lacking from similar providers.

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