Why paid dates are better than affairs.

May 24, 2024 | Allgemein

After a few conversations with users who are willing to talk, we put forward a bold thesis!

The unexpected turnaround: Paid is not cheated

A paid fling is often seen as a kind of outing and not, like an affair, as the ultimate betrayal in a partnership.

Money for silence: The economy of pleasure

The logic behind this is as simple as it is obvious: a paid adventure, free of emotional entanglements, usually leaves the holy grail of the relationship - the emotional foundation - untouched.

It seems as if the transaction turns infidelity into a kind of service that acts less like cheating and more like an outlet for unfulfilled needs.

From taboos to conversations: The unusual therapist

Surprisingly, in many cases the revelation of such an event does not lead to a break-up, but to an open dialog. Couples report that confronting this type of “cheating” opens the doors to conversations that would otherwise have remained closed. Topics such as sexual desires, fantasies and dissatisfactions that have been simmering under the surface are finally addressed, creating a new level of intimacy and understanding in the relationship.

The dangerous tightrope walk: affairs and emotional entanglements

Contrast this with the traditional affair - an emotionally charged minefield. Long-term affairs carry the poison of emotional attachment, making them far more destructive than any paid-for night of passion. The infatuation that often accompanies affairs is perceived as the real betrayal, a stab to the heart of the partnership.

A new definition of loyalty?

The realization that a paid infidelity is less disruptive to the dynamics of a relationship than an emotional affair could herald a revolution in the way we think about relationships. Instead of hiding betrayal, a paid infidelity can also be a starting point for growth and understanding and bring even more fresh air into relationships when you talk openly about your needs and fantasies. We hear more and more often that couples often plan a “little getaway” together afterwards.

The message is clear: it is not physical desire, but emotional alienation that destroys relationships. Seen in this light, paid dates can be a solution to happier and more fulfilling relationships.

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