WEF as Networking Platform for Escorts

Jan 13, 2024 | Allgemein

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos is not only a meeting place for the global elite, but also for the escort scene. Business is booming not only because of the good earning opportunities. The chances to make lucrative contacts is a growing attraction for many escorts.  

Several hundred escorts are once again expected in Davos for this year's WEF. The prices for the services of escorts at the WEF are high and the earning prospects are good, making the meeting a lucrative opportunity for the providers. So much so that escort providers travel from all over the world to Davos especially for the WEF.  
According to the study "The Economics of Sex Trafficking: A Global Review" by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a revenue of up to USD 10 million is generated by paid sex services during the WEF.  

It's not just about Sex anymore 

It's not just the quick money that attracts many women to Davos. Escorts at the WEF often not only have the opportunity to earn a secure, immediate income, but also the chance to get into dialog with business people from all over the world and make new contacts. This can prove to be beneficial for them in the long term and is quite in line with this year's WEF motto: "(Re)-Building trustful relationships" 

For example, an escort from Germany recently reported that her contacts at the WEF had gotten her a new job as a consultant for a large company. Another escort lady from Russia was able to conclude a contract with a modeling agency through her contacts at the WEF. 
Digital Escort-Networking 

This trend is simplified by digital matching platforms for providers and consumers of escort services. 
"With just a few clicks, a businessman gets all the escorts currently in Davos displayed on the screen of his smartphone. He just has to choose who he likes best based on appearance, offer or ratings," says Konrad Breznik, owner of the Titt4Tat platform, a combination of Tinder and Linkedin for paid dates.  
"Both sides have the opportunity to communicate in an AI-translated chat in their native language - and not just about sex, but also about collaborations and further engagements after the WEF. A trend is already emerging, as the chat function is being actively used. " 
Growth figures of over 300% per month, which are likely to be exceeded during the WEF, also show that there is a need for such platforms. 
"Although we don't know the exact content of the chat messages, we strongly assume that they are also used to discuss long-term agreements," says Breznik. 

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